Sabtu, 15 Oktober 2011



Nowadays, English is no longer a very unusual thing, but English has become the norm especially in the era of globalization. Able to speak well and fluently Britain no longer be an added value, but it has become demands or needs for every people in today's era of globalization. This is because almost every activity we always find writing, speakers, news, and even a variety of documents and technical guidelines for the use and improvement of a tool that speak English.

In this era of globalization it is important to learn or speak English or other foreign languages. But if we forget our identity as a nation of Indonesia, then confidence will be lost and the nation will not progress.

Many people say the era of globalization is very important to master at least English or other foreign languages. They say that without mastery of the English language (English Command) is good, a country will not advance.

English in the business world is used for business, correspondence a meetings with strangers who do not want to learn and can not speak Indonesian. We know that initially only in English language use in specific countries only because the language is their language, but with continued passage of time and the more advanced age with the development technology requires each individual to be able to understand English in order to control technology most of which use english.

Seeing so many of the functions of English in the activities of our lives, but on the other side of our nation's ability to speak English is still very alarming, as well as the ability to achieve most of the students after they graduate high school yet so satisfying.

So many of the students who did not realize the importance of the functions and advantages English, so the motivation to learn is very low. They're just waiting for material from the teacher at school and did not want to find and train themselves outside school lessons and do not want to find and train themselves outside school, especially when they assume that English is a difficult subject, the more decline enthusiasm and motivation to learn .

In Indonesia, English is not only applied in advanced level schools and colleges even in English but even this has been applied in primary schools and infantile kindergarten even this also been applied in the English language. English language at the time of this no longer be a strange thing in the eyes of society, especially the people of Indonesia, because Indonesia is one country that many tourists come because Indonesia itself has a natural beauty and tourist attractions that may not be found on other countries then it makes all the Indonesian people are encouraged to speak English.

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